Why Leadership Training Matters

Are leaders made or born? The answer, of course, is both. We typically develop our own unique management style largely through trial and error. This “learning on the job” dynamic tends to keep us firmly rooted in our comfort zones, leaning into our natural strengths while working around or lacking awareness of areas in need of growth. The Connection’s I-RISE Leadership Program is a comprehensive and innovative framework designed to unlock the full potential of managers, empowering them to become highly effective and adaptable leaders of their teams.

Managers at all phases of their career will benefit from our approach, which combines well-established core leadership principles with the latest research on the science of managing people. Benefits for managers, those they supervise, and program outcomes are optimized through training sessions rooted in the following foundational leadership principles:

Inclusive Leadership: cultivating teams where all members are valued and empowered.
Responsive Leadership: demonstrating emotionally intelligent communication and leadership practices.
Inspiring Leadership: motivating and engaging employees for enhanced productivity and retention.
Strategic Leadership: operationalizing goals and problem-solving through analytical, data-driven decision making.
Empowering Leadership: supporting the professional development of staff through effective performance management, training, and delegation strategies.

The Connection is offering two training options. Our cohort-based learning community is a 6-month comprehensive immersion in the art and science of leadership, building upon the critical foundation of self-awareness through an assessment of strengths, challenges, and values. Participants will practice the communication, decision-making, performance-management, and strategic skills that result in the highest-functioning teams. In addition to the unique opportunity to learn from and with peers, the Connection’s I-Rise cohort model includes access to a private digital community forum to share challenges and solutions to real-life managerial situations.

The second option is our accelerated two-day intensive course that covers the essential skills of effective management in a workshop format. Participants will first assess their natural leadership styles and underlying leadership values and from that foundation identify strengths and areas in need of development. The course is designed to quickly hone your natural leadership skills to help you adapt to complex situations as they arise.

The personnel and operational challenges facing organizations of all sizes are too complex to leave their solutions to chance. Leadership training is an investment with proven returns for the professional development of managers, and a commitment to organizational growth and innovation.

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