The Connection Training Sessions, Fall/Winter 2021-2022 Courses

The Connection provides quality training and professional development designed to promote excellence in the human services field. Our Fall/Winter catalog is now available and enrollment is open for all sessions.

We have a deep commitment to keeping our staff, clients, and community partners safe and healthy during this time. Most of our Fall/Winter courses will be offered virtually via Zoom unless otherwise specified.

Click the cover image below to browse the full training catalog for descriptions, presenter information as well as important information about our policies and registration. To register, click on the course titles below and select a training date.

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Clinical Best Practice Courses:

Essential Direct Practice
Skills Courses:

Validation: The Essential Element
of Empathic Communication
Personal Efficiency: Your Guide
to Ultimate Productivity
The Art of the Case Note
Emotional Intelligence for Human Service Providers
Foundational Concepts of Client Engagement
Mastering Professional Communication
in the Workplace

Special Topics in Community Justice Courses:

Out of Prison & Out of Work:
Developing Employment Opportunities for the Formerly Incarcerated
The Impact of Youth Incarceration in Adulthood
The Prevalence of Trauma Among
the Justice-Involved Individuals
African American Men and Mental Health
Within the Criminal Justice System

The Science of Wellness Courses:

Mindfulness and Meditation:
Becoming an Informed Consumer
The Neuroscience of Self-Care
Polyvagal Theory: Accessing the
Healing Power of your Nervous System
Introduction to the Science of
Cognitive and Emotional Adaptability

Leadership Development Courses:

Motivational Interviewing for Supervisors
Planning and Facilitating Effective Meetings

The Successful and Accountable Nonprofit Courses:

SMART Goals and Logic Models:
Roadmaps for Change
How to be an Excellent Brand Ambassador
and Effective Networker
HIPAA and Confidentiality
Developing a Customer Service Approach
Planning a Consumer Event: Steps for Success
Defining and Maintaining Professional
Boundaries in the Human Services
Strategic Communication:
Managing Your Media Presence

Microsoft Office Courses:

Microsoft Excel Training, Part 1:
Getting Started with the Basics
Microsoft Excel Training, Part 2:
Exploring Data and Creating Reports
Microsoft Excel Training, Part 3: Understanding Advanced Formulas and Creating Graphs
Introduction to Microsoft Teams

Questions about our trainings?

Contact Nikita Joslyn, LMSW, Business Development Manager at 860 343-5500 x2110