Top 10 Reasons to Give to The Connection

by Sarah Dudzic, Director of Philanthropy

As we end the year, please take a moment to consider a donation to The Connection. I am always filled with gratitude at this time of year – for the good health of my family and friends, for having a place I call home, and for the good fortune of having grown up in a family that somehow always had “enough.” This year, I am particularly grateful to be part of the good work that The Connection does – from placing children in foster care and helping people avoid homelessness, to supporting individuals in recovery – The Connection changes lives!

And if you’re still not sure whether you should give, here are ten more reasons:

We keep children and families safe, with our supportive housing, foster care and reunification services.

Each year, we help 12,000 people, who would otherwise be homeless, and/or suffering
without help for their mental health, addiction, and other needs.

We make communities safer by helping people who re-entering their communities
after incarceration learn vocational and other life skills.

We are responding to the opioid crisis by treating individuals and educating the community.

We change the lives of families by helping pregnant and parenting moms
become sober, learn parenting skills, and find stable housing.

We offer shelter and programming to homeless youth,
90% of whom exit the program to stable housing and employment.

We innovate! Our Institute for Innovative Practice does research, evaluation, and consulting
to improve the social determinants of health in communities statewide.

Government contracts and grant funds don’t cover all our costs,
which means we rely on individual contributions to help us fill that gap.

Donations to The Connection are tax deductible.
Give to us, and Uncle Sam gives you a break!

Every dollar matters! A meaningful gift to you is a meaningful gift to us.


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