Fostering Community Through Landlord Partnership

There is a need for inclusive, supporting housing programs in Connecticut as housing instability and homelessness continue to impact individuals and families with children. Equally important is establishing stable tenancies for landlords. The Connection’s Supportive Housing for Families (SHF) program is committed to its goals of fostering stability and security for both tenants and landlords.

The SHF program recognizes the challenges faced by individuals and families with children struggling to secure stable housing and provides comprehensive vocational services aimed at empowering people to gain employment and develop essential skills to create a pathway towards financial independence and self-sufficiency.

Understanding the position of our landlords and providing support to them is equally important to us. To that end, the SHF program offers comprehensive support and assistance to all landlords including security deposits and inspection services, intended to assist where we can.

The Connection’s mission is to build safe, healthy, caring communities and inspire people to reach their full potential as productive and valued citizens. The SHF program creates a safety net of encouragement and support for clients providing affordable housing to those in need, education around life skills for future independence, and cultivates longstanding relationships with landlords to build caring and inclusive communities. Working together, we can create opportunities for all community members to thrive as productive and valued citizens.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can become a landlord with the SHF program, please contact Robert Massey at (203)584-8648 or