First Ever Spa Day at Eddy a Great Success!

Thirteen guests of Eddy Shelter and Logano Place receive professional haircuts, manicures, massages, and more!

On Wednesday, December 23, 13 guests of the Eddy Shelter participated in the first-ever Spa Day at Eddy. Participants received chair massages, manicures, haircuts and styling, and makeup applications donated by community volunteers and staff. Many of the guests had never had a professional haircut, professional massage, or manicure and were thrilled to have the opportunity to be pampered in that way. The Spa Day was inspired by a larger event held at Ascencia Homeless Shelter in Glendale, California.

Many, many thanks to Libby Carrier, owner of Main Street Massage in Portland, for donating the massages. Thanks also to Susan Ardolino of Reflections Hair Studio for donating shampoo and conditioners, capes and curling irons for the day, Sarah Wiliarty and helpers who donated $50 toward the purchase of gift bag items, and Stephanie Huffman, owner, and Corinne Gingras, manager/stylist of Echo Salon in Guilford, who donated hair products for the goody bags.

Many staff contributed to making the day memorable and fun. Special thanks to Grants Manager Denice Calabrese, who had been a professional hairdresser and still maintains her license. Denice had a full schedule of 13 haircuts and was busy the entire day. Thanks also to Mackenzie Tyson and Lee Anne Borkowski for organizing the day’s events and taking photographs and videos; Nadia Karachristos and Mackenzie Tyson for donating their manicuring skills; Nicole Bajek for applying makeup to all the women participants; Claire Bien for logo design and photography; and Beth Connor, Lisa Hansen, and Nanci Jutras provided general assistance.