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Criminal Justice


The Connection’s REACH program assists high risk-high need offenders with the process of returning to the community. Staff provide vocational services and financial skill-building, and assistance with securing stable housing upon exiting the program. We conducted a randomized controlled trial to evaluate the impact of forensic peer mentors: individuals who had lived experience with the criminal justice system. The results showed a significantly lower rater of recidivism for the clients who had access to the peer mentors in addition to the usual program services. This study was made possible with funding from the federal Bureau of Justice Assistance. Click here to read more information.

CREST Studies

Each of these projects followed clients of The Connection’s community-based day reporting program, the CREST center. The program provides supports to individuals involved with the criminal justice system and also have significant behavioral health concerns. We evaluated the completion rate of the program while also reviewing demographic factors, clinical information, and overall risk factors. A second study assessed the program’s impact on reducing the risk of re-offending. We found that program completers were 40% less likely to re-offend. Access the full completion study. Access the full recidivism study.

Wesleyan Recidivism Studies

Funding: Wesleyan University. For six years, The Connection has partnered with Wesleyan’s Quantitative Analysis Center to study the long-term recidivism of hundreds of clients who are served by The Connection in residential and outpatient programs after their release from prison. The partnership has resulted in sixty mini-studies. The results have shown that there are few racial disparities in re-offense rates, that Connection clients diagnosed with mental illness are no more likely to re-offend than the general population of ex-offenders, and that unstable housing at discharge is a critical factor in future re-offense.

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